Reformers: The Need to be Perfect


Welcome to part two of a series examining the nine types of the Enneagram Personality System.  Today we are discussing type one, the Reformer.  Last week, we explored type nine, the Peacemaker.  To take a free version of the test, go here.

Reformers, type one of the enneagram, espouse the belief that they can find safety and security if they are always working toward perfection in themselves and others.  We all know these people: They are organized, bright, and motivated to change the world by fixing it, one problem at a time.  They are dedicated, conscientious, ethical, fair, and hardworking. While they can be great motivators and teachers when tempered with sensitivity, they can also come across as harsh, judgmental, and controlling when in distress. Continue reading “Reformers: The Need to be Perfect”

Peacemakers: The Need to Avoid



An avoider, or peacemaker, is someone who copes with stress by, you guessed it, avoiding. We all know them.  To an outside observer, it may seem that the avoider is pleasant and unflappable, but may not be in touch with who he or she is. The avoider is always more concerned with how others are doing, a kind of “if you’re ok, then I’m ok” mentality.  This can be frustrating when trying to get close to an avoider, because it may seem that they are slow to open up or offer much of themselves.  And yet, because of this external focus, the avoider has an uncanny ability to mediate tension and ease the concerns of everyone around them. They value peace and harmony in a way that can be extremely self-denying, and yet they also value comfort in a way that can be self-indulgent and lazy.  The motto of the serene avoider is “Why worry about something you can’t change?” Continue reading “Peacemakers: The Need to Avoid”